[Ah!Bras! - Mabel Presents - aver 300 Sizes Custom Fitted Bras by Cameo, Figurette, Jeunique, Sculptress, &PennyRich, specializing in larger sizes, more sizes and smaller sizes]
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O P T I M U M   H E A L T H  &  W E L L N E S S  F O R   M E N  &  W  O M E N !



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    Why A Custom Fitted Bra?
    85%, of the People who wear bras, 
    Are Wearing the Wrong size and incorrectly Fitting Bra ...  
    Are You?

    What a difference a good bra makes!!!

    Your bra is the single most important item of clothing you own.
    A properly fitted bra can improve the way you look and feel.

    The Ah!Bras! Web Pages Feature information about the fitting and wearing of the Custom Fitted Bra. The wearers of this special bra, around the world, attest to the importance of the unique features of these very special bras: Available in 5 Brands and 8 different Styles: Brantly/Cameo (or Lady Cameo),  Figurette, Sculptress, Pennyrich, and Jeunique Custom Fitted Bras!

    Mabel Kopp is, one of many, Authorized Distributors,  who specialize in personally fitting the Custom Fitted Bras: Lady Cameo™ by Brantly, Figurette™ , Jeunique™ , Sculptress™ , PennyRich™ by Colesce Couture International, Inc., a Division of Jeunique International Inc.

    The goal of the Ah!Bras! web page, is to improve the quality of the lifestyle of today’s woman By: 

    • giving today's woman a "bra that fits",  with Quality Custom Fitted Bras: Lady Cameo by Brantly, Figurette, Sculptress, Pennyrich, & Jeunique in 3 colors,  8 Styles and Over 300 sizes.
    • giving today's woman the opportunity to "Shop On Her Schedule" - At Private showings, Home Parties, Snail mail, Phone or E-Mail
    • giving today's woman an opportunity to join the Colesce Family where there is "NO GLASS CEILING" for either Management Opportunity or Income.
    • Now offering a  a Retirement Program to Distributors!
    The custom fitted Bras Are NOT SOLD by Mail Order. It is not possible to guess at a good fit or a good style by looking at a picture in a catalog or video terminal. A bra must be tried on before a purchase. 

    A certified Custom Fitted Bra fitter should personally attend each customer, preferably, in person, or telephone and E-Mail, so as to best determine and serve the unique needs of each customer. 

    Presenting the Famous Custom Fitted Bras
    by Colesce Couture International, Inc a subsidiary of Jeunique International

    The Custom Fitted Bras Compared to Department Store Bras:
    • Superior Support
    • No Underwires
    • More band Sizes
    • More cup Sizes
    • Smaller Sizes
    • Larger Sizes

    The Product

    Custom Fitted Bras

    An unsolicited "Testimonial":
    From a person who is wearing This exceptional Bra! "Ode To A Bra" 

    Comment from a non-affiliated and non-associated web page -
    Bra Humor: "Bras Beyond DD or, Why I Hate V...'s S..."

    Contact your local Beauty By Jeunique Independent Distributor.

    Jeunique Suplements Product

    Jeunique Skin Care and Cosmetics

    The Company
    About Colesce  The company which designs and manufactures the products distributed by Mabel and other Representatives like her 
    The Opportunity
      For the Preferred Customer
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