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"Custom Fitted Bra" Fitting Training,
and links to the Certification Quiz

To receive a Certificate, mail completed form along with your 
name, address & phone number, with $15.00 to:
Mabel E Kopp
8260 Stoney Brook Dr
Chagrin Falls OH 44023

I will call you in the evening, after 9:00 PM EST, so we can discuss EACH question on the quiz.

The Completed quiz will be your Bra Fitting Manual.

Please call me in the evening:
Call 440 543 5992 
Or my (Verizon Cell 440 241 0112) I will return your call if you mention to me that you wish for me to do so. We will discuss each question and topic.
After a personal discussion of the topics,
    This will take approximately two hours or more.
I will send out a certificate of training.
We will discuss any additional training information if necessary on the phone.
    The accurately completed quiz and additional training information
    is to be used as reference material.

The custom fitted bra business, essentials for success...

STEP ONE... Learn How To Measure and Fit...
Measuring and fitting the custom fitted bra:
Schedule and conduct one or more "open house" fittings.
Invite your friends and relatives to come by and allow you to practice fitting. Tell them that you are starting a new business and that it is important for you to practice. Tell them that your "manager" challenged you to try to fit as many different sizes and body types as you could find. Your "manager" is expecting a report of all the people fitted, along with measurements and results. (which may be only approximate)
I will need the list of these fittings for the advanced training.
The information I will need for each client:
  • Size and fit of current bra(s)
  • Three Measurements
  • List each trial bra by style, size, followed by the description of the fit in the band and then in the cup (seperately)
  • Name: Measurements:
    Style Size Fit Band Fit Cup Number Extenders used
    Step TWO... learn about the Breast.

    With Focus on the Health and Welfare
    of the Total Woman!

    About The Breast

    Underwire bras & the lymph nodes.

    The Bust Has NO Muscle,

    Step THREE... learn about the Jeunique Product line...

    How the products meet the needs of a healthier you
    and how the products relate to each other.

    Two Day Training session OUTLINE... this is only an outline.
    Write down questions as you read this ...
             and we will go over the whole thing when you ASK the questions

    The following web page has a lot of training references, some are listed here while others are not:

    Charge the prices posted on this web page, you will make money
         and you can give your customers the WWS Special (2 for 1; every third bra half price*)
    *Note: all three items must be from the same division.
            but, if you wish to maximize your personal volumn, write all three bras up at full price.
        here are the posted Bra prices:

    Materials needed for Advanced Training -

    You will need:
    • training manuals you received in your welcome packet from Jeunique.
    • company price list
    • List of Open House Fittings
    • Demo Kits
    • Bras for training
    • FFC for training (optional)
    • Company Brochures
    • Cup Computer
    • Note Pad, Pen/Pencil
    • Twelve Inch Ruler
    • Registration Packet
      • Profit System Brochure
      • Rising Star
      • List of Demo Kits

    Custom Fitted Bra Demo Kits:
    In addition to one, two or three custom fitted Bra Demo Kits,
    You will need some of the sample bras I recommend you obtain.
    Following are the three Demo Kits I highly recommend: (in order of importance)
    • Confidente Cameo Satin Knit
    • Cameo Lace and Jeunique Lace; equally important

    Bras for Training

       J30, J31, J32           Jeunique Lace  46KK, 44KK, 42KK, 40KK, 38KK
    The Jeunique has, Physically the Largest cup sizes for bands 40, 42, 44, 46
       000101, 707, 708    Cameo Lace     30N,  34M,  52HH
    The Cameo Lace bra has, Physically the Largest cup sizes for bands 26, 28, 30, 32, 34

    Note the relative sizes on the Cup Computer:

       000300, 301            Cameo Satin knit Confidente assorted sizes
                        including one or more of the largest cups

       000327                    Cameo "Smoothie" assorted sizes
                                        SUCH AS 42FF/F,40FF/G, 38GG/G, 36GG/H, 34HH/I
                         one or more of the largest cups :

       000226, 228      Figurette  one or two of the small cups
                        one or two of the large cups (HH in all band sizes)
    - The Figurette is the best bra for teenage athletes.
    If you plan to target the athletic teen,
    invest in this demo kit and add many more to fill in missing sizes.

       P11, P13      PennyRich    30Jr, 34Jr, 36Jr    This is best for Junior Sizes

       523, 524      Sculptress   42GG    This is the best bra for the impossible to fit lady. Cup Size is the only limitation.

    Print the following from the internet
    Cup Computer:
    My price list: Bra_Prices.htm
    The Two day training outline:
    Certification quiz:

    These are very important products for the health and welfare of you, your clients and our environment.   Become familiar with these  great products. Use them personally so you will know how to offer the information to your clients.
     ITEM #  NAME  SIZE Jeunique
      Sell for
        #5180  Delicat
      Cold Water Wash
     16oz   $11.50  $11.50 to $12.50
        #4835   Eco Clean 16 oz      $ 9.00   $10.50 to $11.50
        #B250   Breast Beauty Creme     $22.00  $22.00 to $24.50
        #B970  Breast Beauty Creme
        Pkg. 10/$4.00
    4835 ECO CLEAN 16 OZ 9.00 10.50 TO 11.50
    4836 ECO CLEAN 35 OZ 14.00 15.50
    4837 ECO CLEAN 1 GAL 36.00 37.00
    4838 ECO CLEAN 5 GAL 150.00 150.00
    These are good for add on orders, or may be used as thank you gifts or for promotions. One of the washes, either Delicat or the Eco Clean should be sold with every bra or FFC order. It is life insurance for the products.

    CALL ME or send me an email at my private email adddress:
    Call me for training assistance. Have questions on hand when calling.
    Anyone can call me, regardless of Division.
    BUT calling me does not take the place of your weekly contact with your manager.
              before 2:00 PM or after 10:00PM on Friday.
              after  9:00PM on Saturday
              after  12:00PM on Sunday

    I accept short calls Saturday Night thru Thursday Night
    I prefer to do LONG training calls after 9:00PM Saturday thru Thursday, and all day Sunday.

           440 543 1762 Business
    440 543 5992
       leave a message and I will call you back
           440 543 5992 Home
           440 241 0112 Verizon Cell Phone

    Note: Your Business Plan, Financial Plan etc. need not accompany the quiz.
    The Business plan is there for you to realize that you have a choice of a career, a business or the opportunity to purchase product at a discount for your own personal use. It is advisable, however, to share your current goals and expectations with your Manager, so that you can receive the assistance necessary to achieve your goals.

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