Things you should know about your Breasts

The breast is composed of adipose tissue (fat), glandular epithelium, blood vessels, 
lymph glands, supporting collagenous fibers, capillaries and the covering skin.
Perky bust before gravity. begining effects of gravity on the unsupported bust the effects of gravity on the unsupported bust the effects of gravity on the unsupported bust

Place a weight at the end of a rubber band. 

The once fat rubber band now becomes stretched and thin, as do the tiny ligaments and vessels of the breast with the weight of breast tissue. 

Without proper support one of the greatest laws of the Universe takes place...gravity.

The delicate tissue begins to roll off the chest wall, over the pectoral muscle, and displaces itself under the arm and in the midriff area.   A pendulous look begins to develop. 

This is not healthy as the proper blood flow to the breast area is now being blocked and the 
tissue under the arm is being bumped and battered with every move.

  The weight of the breast pulling on the neck can cause diminished blood flow to the head and headaches may occur. The effects of weight and gravity will also affect posture. 

The dolinger area of the back, just below the neck base, is now being put under undue stress. 

When you try to lift the weight of the breast off the rib cage by shortening your bra strap, you then either get the back of the bra riding up or painful grooves in the shoulder.

If the breast is supported and the weight taken off of those ligaments, you may then see that the mass begins to adhere to the chest wall. 

In addition the tissue that has misplaced itself will get the proper blood flow to rebuild.



Dress Designers State:
"The bust should be halfway between your shoulder and elbow."
If you measured 12" from shoulder to elbow . . . halfway is 6"

Clothing is designed with the darts and tucks for the bust, midway between the shoulder and the elbow.
If the bust is lower than the darts and tucks, clothing doesnt fit properly.

Why your clothes looked bad with a dumped in front bra.

  • The bust has no muscle.
  • Your bust must depend on an outside source of support.
  • When gravity pulls the bust down, it also pulls the throat and face tissue.
  • Ordinary bras on the market today are only covers.
  • The shape of your bust is determined by the bras you wear.
  • Do the Straps fall off, if so they are too far apart.
  • Does the bra ride up in back, if so it is too big around.
* "Stop Wearing an Underwire Bra"
Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D., Univ. of Vermont College of Medicine. Author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, and others.

Underwire bras
Their impact on Women's Health and Wellbeing -
What some prominent Female Physicians have to say.

Questions & Answers?

"Your boobs shouldn't be talking while your walking"

Q. What is a Custom fitted bra ?
Ans. A custom fitted bra is designed to take all the weight off your shoulders and back. It helps balance the breast tissue with out an under wire.

Q. How does a Custom fitted bra work?
Ans. A custom fitted bra keeps the breast tissue forward.

Q. What makes a woman sag ?
Ans. A woman sags when the Cooper Ligaments have been pulled for so long.

Q. What are Cooper Ligaments?
Ans. Your Cooper Ligaments are the ligaments that extend from the base of the chin clear down to the breast.

Q. How can I prevent having sagging breast?
Ans. Do Upper Body Exercises.  Wearing a good bra allows your breast tissue not to pull on the ligaments and keeping everything at the proper level. The best bras to offer this kind of support are the Custom fitted bras .

Q. How long does a Custom fitted bra take to shape?
Ans. It takes a least 10 washings for a custom fit bra to take shape.
Custom fitted bras do not look good naked, they look good when dressed!

Q. How will I know if I have bra with the proper support?
Ans. Do the Bra Test!

  1. Stand up

  2. Cup your hands around the bottom of the breast.

  3. Squat up & down several times (4-5 times)

  4. Concentrate on your chest wall & see if there is any tension with your hands supporting your breasts.

  5. Now do it with out any support from your hands.

  6. Is there a difference?

  7. A good bra won't have the pull on your Cooper Ligaments.

Q. Where can I find a good Custom fitted bras ?
Ans. Custom fitted bras are available in the US and Canada from independent Bra Fitters. Many of these Independent Fitters work out of their homes. It is only by being personally fitted that one can be assured of the proper fit.


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