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Dear Customer,

Thank you for expressing an interest in the Custom Fitted Bras. The Main Ahbras Web page, catalog and Distributor Information.

The Custom Fitted Bras are unusual in design, construction, fit and support. The Custom Fitted Bras offer more support in more sizes than any department store bra. Cup Sizes range from, Junior to "N" and Band Sizes range from 26 to 52.

Each of the custom fitted bras features a "drop down cup", much like a nursing bra.  This allows for the proper accommodation and support of the breast tissue, instead of compressing the breast tissue onto the rib cage. The forcing of the breast tissue onto the rib cage, from wearing improperly fitting traditional department store bras, often forces tissue to bulge up and over the cup, under the arm, around the rib cage and under the band of the bra. This often gives the appearance of multiple breasts with a variety of additional extraneous bulges.  This bulging, over a period of time, becomes permanent, and is prominent even with the offending bra removed. By massage and encouraging the breast tissue forward into the cup, the natural shape and position of the bust can be achieved, over time.   It may take several months to a year, or even more,  to undo what the old bra has done to you over several years.

Because of the "drop down cup" feature, each of the Custom Fitted bras may be worn as a nursing bra.  The Satin Knit Bras make a most comfortable nursing bra.  The Satin Knit fabric, in this elegant bra - stretches!  It's elegance makes this bra perfect for dressy and less active occasions.

The Certified Custom Fitted Bra Fitter teaches the proper procedure for the wearing of the Custom Fitted Bra.   The bra brochure, describes, in detail, the procedure for fitting and wearing of the Custom Fitted Bras. This brochure should be saved for reference: 

Additional information is found in The Training Manual For your New Bra and your New Bust! 

As a Factory Representative for these Custom Fitted Bras, allow me to take this time to point out the unique features of these very special Bras, and the personal service given by the Certified Custom Fitted Bra Fitters.

First, the Custom Fitted Bras are not sold the way standard bras are sold. The Custom Fitted Bra fitter does not "mass mail order" the Custom Fitted Bras or even let the customer "pick out" their own sizes and styles from a catalog. The size and style can not be selected from a picture in a catalog.    A  purchase as important as this can only be made after "trying on" each style to determine which style & size is the best choice.

The Custom Fitted Bra Fitter personally fits each customer. The Fitter measures the customer (or has the customer measured), and analyzes the fit of the current bra. It is only in this way that the customer can be assured of the best fit and to achieve the desired results, from their Custom Fitted Bra.

These Custom Fitted Bras barely resemble the bras purchased in the average department store.  These unusual bras are engineered, designed and manufactured for Fit, Durability and Support!

The Fitting Process uses the "Trial and Analysis" method.

The first step in the fitting process:
Select the "First Size to Try" bra to try on.

To determine this "First Size" bra, it is necessary to

  1. Analyze the fit of the current bra,
  2. Take 3 Measurements, with a bra on.
    "A" Immediately beneath bust - Band size for Brantly/Cameo and Sculptress brand Bras
    "B" Fullest Part of the bust - (to calculate cup size)
    "C" Above bust and below shoulder blade - Band Size for Jeunique Bras
This is ONLY an Approximation. Due to differences in body types and tissue distribution on the torso, the actual band size of the "Perfect Fit" Custom Fitted Bra may vary by one, two, three or even four inches from the actual measurement.

Using the Analysis of the fit of the current bra, and measurements, calculate the "Starting" Cup size: Calculate the difference between the bust measurement and the band measurement. Using bust measurement "B" minus either the "A" or "C" band measurement, Select the best guess starting size. Since each style of Custom Fitted Bra is sized differently, the Starting Size(s) selected, depends entirely upon the Brand and Style of Bra being fitted.

Analyze how the current bra fits: (describe fit in band, and cup) Make note of the Brand, Style and Size of the current bra. Describe how this bra fits in the band, then in the cup.  Does the cup runneth over by one lump or two? Does the Band ride up? etc. If a traditional store sized bra, let's say 38D, fits properly, in both band and cup, then it is approximately equivalent to a 38G to 38GG in the Brantly/Cameo lace Bra, which is equivalent to a 38FF to a 40FF in the Figurette Bra or Jeunique Bra.

Each of the Custom Fitted Bras are sized differently. Each of the Custom Fitted Bras, differ from the traditional Department Store bras in engineering, design, construction and sizing. The design of these Custom Fitted Bras enable the wearer to reshape the breast tissue. Using the support triangle and the patented support system, the tissue forced above the bust and under the arms for years of wearing the wrong size or style of bra, can be brought forward where it belongs. ...BUT... Don't expect miracles over night! The reshaping of the bust, which has been rearranged after many years of wearing the wrong size or style of a bra, can not happen over night!

The bust line belongs up front, midway between the shoulder and the elbow, not down around the elbow or the waist.  This up front profile can only be obtained by a support system which doesn't rely on under wires, bones and stayes. Some authorities believe that bras containing under wires, are hazardous to the health and welfare of the wearer, by interfering with the drainage of the lymph glands and milk ducts. The  Custom Fitted bras do NOT contain under wires, bones or stayes, but instead, support the bust using the patented suport system.

With a properly supported the bust, the wearer can jog, walk up and down stairs or even go horse back riding in comfort.   This patented support system is accomplished in both the design and the construction.  The design is such that the entire bra  IS  the support system,  NOT just the straps.  The bands of these bras are shaped like a horseshoe, and as such, are designed to fit high in the front and low in the back..  The straps no longer support the bust alone.  Now, from this support system, the wearer experiences better posture.

The construction, of these custom fitted bras, is outstanding.  First time inspection, of the construction, workmanship and design of these fabulous bras, is truely an experience. There is only a minimum of elastic in the lace Cameo, Sculptress, Pennyrich and the Lace Figurette custom fitted bras. The bra without a lot of elastic avoids the painful  "Bounce" while jogging, walking up the stairs or even chasing "rug rats".  Despite the claims of "comfort" by the manufacturers of mostly elastic bras, the elastic allows the bust to "Bounce" painfully.  Since that is what elastic does best, "Bounce"!   The support of a mostly elastic bra is just fine during such strenuous activities as sleeping, washing dishes or watching TV, but not for athletic pursuits.

The more supportive Custom Fitted Lace bras are available in: Five brands, six styles and as many as three colors in some styles. Cup sizes range from Junior to "N". Band Sizes range from 26 to 52. The Custom Fitted Bras are priced by cup size to $98.00.

The Lace Bras can/will appear to be very pointy at first.
Successive wearing and washings, the lace cup will soften and conform to the "natural shape" of your bust.

Minimizer - The Nylon Molded Cup - "Smoothie" available in nude only; and The Figurette Bra with Lace Cups with cotton sides, available in White and Beige Lace - in 108 Sizes 28B - 46FF each functions much as a minimizing bra.  These bras create the illusion of a smaller, less prominent bust by virtue of the ovoid shape of the cups.   This is in contrast to the more natural round shape of the cup of the other Custom Fitted Lace style bras.

Broad Rib Cage and Apex far apart. The Figurette and Sculptress bras are appropriate for the person with a broad rib cage. The "Band" size of the Figurette is approximately the measurement under the arms, just above the bust. The Band size of the Sculptress is approximately the measurement on the rib cage.

I hope that this has shown how this, my favorite bra, can help achieve a better fit and greater support without under wires. The Custom Fitted Bras offer: more comfort in motion, and an overall better feeling of well being.

Call, (440-241-0112 cell Verizon) Call for Fax # write or E-Mail: me, ahbras@yahoo.com, if you wish to schedule a bra fitting, place an order, request an online catalog, or to discuss selling any of the Brands of Custom Fitted Bras.


Mabel E. Kopp,
International Executive Director

Authorized Distributor of the Custom Fitted Bras

June 2005 -