How To Fit And Wear Your Custom Fitted Bra Properly

Achieve Support and Direction: The breast tissue belongs UP FRONT, NOT under your arms

The Custom Fitted Bras are available in various Brands, several Styles & over 300 sizes
Achieve Fit and Support of the larger bust, 
or Natural Enhancement of the Smaller Bust
most body types find one or more ot the CF Bras, to be the solution to their Bra needs: Ultimate Fit and Support.

Determining the Best Brand, Style and Size using the trial and analysis method:
Determine Starting band and cup size

To determine the starting size in the fitting process,
take three measurements.

  for the Cameo Style Bras. 

       Measure (in inches) around the rib cage,  UNDER the bust IF ODD ADD  1 for band size
       Measure (bust) around the body, at the Apex of the breast, calculate (D) to get the cup size. 
C.   BAND SIZE for the Figurette and Jeunique styles
       Measure around ABOVE the bust IF  ODD subtract 1 or more for band size.
D.  CUP SIZE NAME : The "Name" of the actual physical cup size, differs by Band Size and Brand. The Shape of the cups and cup spacing, differs by  brand. (See the cup computer below)
       B measurement minus A measurement: is used to calculate the approximate Cup Name for the Cameo Style Bra.
       B minus C  is used to calculate the approximate Cup Name for the Figurette and Jeunique Style Bra
       Calculate Cup Size:  If the  Difference is:  2=B; 3=C; 4=D, etc

Measurements alone, can only give an approximate starting point for fitting.
No matter which measuring method is chosen, it is only to determine a starting size. Plus - Three people with identical measurements can require three different sizes for a good fit. 
When trying on sizes, during the trial and analysis fitting method, use the cup computer for reference.  Like a road map, the  cup computer   shows a relationship between the physical cup sizes, and names, relative to the different band sizes.

All cup names in the same column, for all band sizes, are the same physical size.   In the Cameo Style, the relationship is exact, in the other brands, only approximate. 

Try On Seleted Bra

    1.   Unhook and adjust, lengthen or shorten (keep Loose),  the shoulder straps.
          Unhook the cup from the bottom of the shoulder straps. Some hook others snap.
    2.   Lean forward, as far as you can lean comfortably. 
          Put arms through the shoulder straps.
          Place the bottom band of the bra, high under the bust, on the rib cage.
          Lean forward to allow gravity to assist the entire breast tissue to
          enter the support triangle opening.
    3.   Stand up and, From the side holding points, 
          start lowering the bottom band toward the back.
          Center the bra and lift the V of the bra up to the breastbone. 
          This will gain complete cup coverage. Adjust the straps.
          For  larger cup sizes, it may NOT be comfortable worn up to the breast bone.
          Be sure to, hook your bra LOW in back, below the shoulder blades.

      If possible, use the center hooks, the Custom Fitted Bra is designed to fit Snugly. 
Drop cups down

Lift "V" of bra up to breast bone
Lean forward with cups dropped down
Hook Bra in back

Adjust Tissue Placement, into cup,
while leaning forward

    4.   With the cups down, lean forward once more.
          Reach into the side opening of the "Left Support Triangle" with your right hand.
          Meanwhile,  hold the "Side Holding Point" firmly with the left hand.
          Gently bring the breast tissue UP and  forward,
          Pull the Side Holding Point DOWN  so the band of the bra 
          lies flat on the  body against the rib cage under the breast.

          Repeat this with the other hand for the right side,
          While rising,  Pull both cups UP simultaneously and 
          fasten both cups to the hook at the base of the shoulder straps.

Gently pull tissue into cup from under arms
  Lift breast tissue 
 UP into the cup.
Smooth Support Collar,
Band high on rib cage
    5.   Lean forward again to readjust the shoulder straps for position and comfort. 
          It is easier to adjust the shoulder straps while leaning forward.
    6.   Now, while still bending over, hold the bra in the middle, gently rotate 
          the bra in a circular motion  to allow the bust to settle into the support triangle. 
          If this unseats some of the tissue which has been pulled forward, 
          you may reach through the support triangle and encourage the under arm
          excess tissue back  into the cup.  You may need to do this several times a day until
          the tissue is trained to go forward where it belongs.

Breast tissue, which has been forced behind the bra and under the arms, from years of wearing ill fitting bras, can be trained to return to  "normal" position.  Over time, this process can retrain the breast tissue to come forward. The "patented support system" of the Custom Fitted Bra, will help keep this tissue in position.

Gently bring side tissue into cup
Bring side tissue
 into cup -

do several times a day
train tissue forward

Check the Fit
    7.   Now Check The Fit in the Band, Cup, location of straps in back and psition of breasts in cup, etc.:
    A.   The Bottom Band of your bra should be resting on the rib cage, high under the bust, and the Support Collar/Bandarin should be smooth.
    B.   The Lace cups should fit smoothly with a minimum of wrinkles
    Small amount of puckering can disappear after laundering.
    C.   If the breasts appear to be too far apart for the bra, change to a different style entirely.
    A small amount of difference can disappear after laundering.
    D.   The Bra should be positioned low in the back, high in the front. If the bra does not feel completely comfortable, or look just right, start over again, with a new size or style,  if necessary.
Final step adjust straps
Adjust straps to final setting
Check Fit

FITTING NOTES: When trying to select a size and style, from different sizes and styles of bras...
         List each trial bra by style # and size. Note the fit by Band, Cup and Cup locations.
       Different styles are sized differently and each style is shaped differently in both the band and cup.

         Describe the fit For Each Bra You try on -  first in the band and then the cup:
          Band                  loose, tight   And By How much , or just right,
          Cup                    small, large,  And By How much , or just right,
          Cup spacing     breasts too wide or too close together for the trial bra. Brands to choose if the breast is noticeably too far apart for the cups: Jeunique, Figurette, Sculptress,  and Supreme.  In that order.
          Strap spacing   For most body types, Straps will be too far apart on a bra which is too small.  Straps too far apart will be very uncomfortable. 
To determine a correct cup size for the next one or two larger band sizes, insert an extender.  The extender will cause the straps to become farther apart in the back, it is only to get an idea of what size cup will be a good fit.

Extenders should be used for fitting purposes only.  Don't wear a bra with an extender, unless the extender causes the straps to locate in the correct position, straight down from the shoulder to the band.

Using the Cup Computer as a guide, select the next size Band or Cup, according to the results of each analysis.

Note: Each cup (regardless of the  cup "name") in the same column, on the cup computer, is the same physical size. ( identical  for all of the Cameo bras, and only approximate for the  Figurette, Jeunique, PennyRich and Sculptress,).
Repeat from step 1, until a good fit is achieved.

IMPORTANT:  When the tissue from under the arm is included in the cup, the band can become looser.  When a bra with a smaller band does not a achieve an appropriate fit, adjustment by a seamstress may be necessary.  When training the breast tissue to come forward,  it is important to re-fit the bra, several times a day and gently, massage the area toward the apex every night.

Gentle Care Means Longer Wear
Don't wear your bras two days in a row. WIth three or more bras, you can cycle over 3, 4 or even 7 days before a second wearing. It is really best to launder the bras after every first or second wearing.

Don't use Woolite on your Bras,  or any garment containg elastic. It appears that Woolite is very hard on elastic.

Washing Instructions:
-  Use a gentle, Cold Water lingerie wash, available from your custom fitted bra consultant After each wearing.
To extend the life of the fabric and preserve the colors of all  delicate garments, not to mention the comfort of your skin. I recommend using  a delicate, cold water wash

Your Custom Fitted Bras will last longer, and retain their strength and beauty longer, if  hand washed
with a gentle lingerie wash, after each wearing.  If  daily washing is impossible, air each bra for a day before the next wearing.  Hand washing with a gentle lingerie wash,  after each wearing,  is recommended, for most fine lingerie.

Do not use heavy duty
laundry detergents for delicate, intimate garments.
 Apart from causing the fabric to deteriorate, the residue of the Heavy Duty detergent can be irritating to sensitive skin.  Extend the life of your fine lingerie, and protect your skin, by using a quality Cold Water Wash" without "enzyme action" for Fine Fabrics   
Your Custom Fitted Bra consultant can recommend A cold water wash concentrate, which will be your life insurance for your bra wardwrobe .

Bras with bones and under  wires, should never be laundered in the automatic washer, NOT ot even on gentle cycle
The Custom-Fitted Bras such as those by Brantly/Cameo & Figurette and Jeunique do not have bones or under wires.

Rinse all undergarments thoroughly. Do not wring bras. Roll into a heavy towel, and Always hang to dry,

NEVER put your Bras,  or any garment containg elastic, in the automatic dryer.

With these simple care instructions, you'll find that your favorite Lingerie can withstand longer wear. And with the money you'll save on not buying replacements, you can invest in a wardrobe of these quality custom fitted bras, knowing you will get the most out of each item.

Cup Computer