JEUNIQUE® Maternity Girdle and SUPPORT GARMENTS - During Pregnancy

Cradle and Lace Maternity Girdle
At last, there is help to carry the baby for the new mother-to-be during pregnancy. This maternity support garment can help carry the baby by giving support and eliminating pregnancy discomfort. Strain is eased while providing a firm support to the back. It grows with you during pregnancy.

Maternity Bras
During this special time, you'll want to feel comfortable and look beautiful. Jeunique® Maternity Bras provide the ultimate in support, fit, comfort and styling. These bras are different from any you have ever worn. The patented "shelf-type" banderin support actually encourages delicate breast tissue up and forward into the cup area.

Jeunique® Maternity Bras help to defy the effects of gravity and inadequate support. Mothers to be find these bras provide gentle and firm support for their added full figures. These bras are availabe in a wide range of sizes, 28-46, and a wide range of cup sizes, B to KK!

Nursing Bras
Once your baby is born, your breasts will continue to need added support. If you decide to nurse your baby, the milk will add weight and volume. You may no longer need the extra circumference of your bra. With the three rows of hooks, the diameter can be decreased. You may, however, want the extra cup size to acomodate nursing pads. The firm support of the bra helps to discourage an automatic milking action and subsequent leakage caused by gravity.

All Jeunique® Nursing Bras have easy-to-detach cups which make nursing convenient and discreet. Each cup is made of long-wearing materials and will not stretch, retain odors or discolor. Jeunique® Nursing Bras will keep their shape, washing after washing. They last three times longer than conventional bras.


After the baby and during your daily life, this is a different garment that provides wonderful support for the body and projecting a more slender silhouette. Many women are giving testimonials of how it helps with menstrual cramps, chronic backache


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