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If you do NOT have your own web page and wish to have me create, for you, a two screen, stand alone, page, - uniquely your own, developed for use on your business cards and for linking to and from this directory for a ONE TIME Charge of $125.00 The annual hosting will be included in your $79.00 a year inclusion into the Participating Dealer Directory.
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All Authorized Jeunique Representatives are invited to participate in this co-op advertising effort.
By sharing in the expenses of this web Page. 
You can have an inexpensive presence on the Internet,
List your Business Card, for up to two states, on the Participating Dealer Directory,
For a token fee of $79.00 a year
plus $10.00 for each additional State over Two.
you can have your business card listed in the AH! BRAS! "Participating Dealer" Directory,
with a link to one of your own existing web pages.
I can create for you a two frame web page for a one time charge of $125.00.
Hosting  of Your Web Page is included in the annual participation fee, currently at $79.00
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List the major cities in your Greater Business area.
You may request a listing in multiple states, at
$10.00 per State Listing past two.
You do not need to own a computer 
to be represented in this "Participating Dealer Directory".
All you need is a telephone number and an address.

You also do not need to own a computer to have an E-Mail address.

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To take advantage of One Year World Wide Exposure: 
Please supply the requested information. 
Print out the form and mail it to me with your Check for $79.00 US funds. 
Please make check or money order payable to Mabel E. Kopp
Please include your own business card and 
any brochures and information you wish to 
share with your potential customers. 
Spiritual and Inspirational messages may be included.

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Your request will be under serious consideration upon receipt of your check:
$79.00  Renewable on the anniversary of insertion.

If you are requesting your own, one to two screen web page, include the one time charge of $125.00 along with your $79.00 annual "Participating Dealer" listing request for a tota. of $204.00.

Please Include all information required to build your web page. The subscription for your page will automatically be renewed when renewing the annual subscription for total price of $79.00.

Please make checks payable to:   Mabel E. Kopp
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Colesce Couture®, Lady Cameo®, Figurette® and "The Language Of Lingerie" is a registered trademark of Colesce Couture International,      A Division of Jeunique International, Inc. City of Industry, CA 91748
Have been discontinued - Limited sizes are still available
The Lady Cameo and Jeunique companies are no longer in business, however, the fitting consultants have been able to continue serving their clients with the bras on hand as well as new product being manufactured in the style of the Lady Cameo and the Jeunique bras. The Norvell style is also, Now, being manufactured as well.

Send me an email with your request if you wish contact information for the sources of the two different styles of the custom fitted bras.